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If There's No Video, It's Just a Story.

With over five years of experience in filming live corporate events, we excel in maximizing output with minimal crew. Our event videos stand out because we adapt our videography style to capture the unique atmosphere of your occasion.

Live event Demo Reel.

We Eagerly Await Our Next Event Shoot.

As a production crew, we love shooting corporate live events - from conferences and panel discussions to Music concerts and memorials. It's an exhilarating experience that everyone on our team strives to make a success. We love the excitement and energy of a corporate live event, and it's a great opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles and try new techniques. It's fantastic to see the unity that develops among our crew as we work together to capture every beautiful moment of the event. We're constantly connected with each other via intercom audio system and ready to capture every detail at the right time. Eventually, seeing the final product and customer satisfaction is incredibly rewarding.

What Is Your Next  Upcoming Event?

Corporate Event

  • Conference

  • Panel Discussion

  • Keynote Presentation

  • Seminar

  • Workshop

  • Product Launch

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Public Event

  • Music Concerts

  • Theater Shows

  • Podcasts

  • Lectures

  • Festivals And Fairs

  • Educational Events

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Private Event

  • Funeral

  • Memorial 

  • Celebration of Life

  • High School Graduation

  • Commencement

  • Bar And Bat Mitzvah

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Our video production company takes immense pride in our exceptional conference videography services, specifically tailored for clients in the vibrant city of San Francisco and the broader San Francisco Bay Area. With our expertise in multi-camera conference video production, we deliver dynamic and captivating content that captures the essence of your event. Whether you're hosting a corporate gathering, industry conference, or academic symposium, our skilled crew ensures every moment is impeccably documented on various angles and at the right moment, providing you with a polished and engaging final product that reflects the professionalism and innovation that San Francisco is known for.


Elevate your conference experience with our top-tier video production services, setting the stage for your message to reach a global audience with impact and clarity.

Need Conference Videography Services in San Francisco Bay Area?

Video, or

It Didn't Happen!

An event highlight/recap video offers a comprehensive glimpse of the event for those unable to attend and serves as a valuable promotional tool for attracting future attendees. Our team ensures we capture every aspect, from keynote speeches to guest interviews. Discover more about our event highlight video services today.

As expert storytellers, we understand the power of a well-crafted promotional video in creating anticipation and excitement around an event. We know that showcasing key features such as the venue, speakers, and activities in a visually compelling way can generate interest and attract a broader audience to the event. By creating a promotional video, we can help to convey the event's purpose and impact while also highlighting its unique features and benefits. Our storytelling expertise can help to create a powerful narrative that captures the essence of the event and generates buzz among potential attendees. With our help, you can ensure that your event is not only well-attended but also highly impactful and memorable.

Live events are an excellent way to engage with an audience and create a unique experience. Whether you're filming a conference, an interview, or a music concert, using multiple cameras can enhance the experience for your audience. Multi-camera setups provide a more immersive viewing experience that allows your audience to feel right in the middle of the action. In this blog post, we'll be sharing our knowledge and experience on the benefits of multi-camera production that we've accumulated over the years...


Live event videography set where Bidar Video set up a Sony FS7ii with a 200-600mm lens con

We offer tailored event video production plans that are both efficient and cost-effective, designed to meet your unique needs and budget.